Why Vanity Number

If your company does business over the phone or using display advertising, a vanity toll-free number is a must. It can be such an unreasonable expectation to think customers will remember a random 10-digit string, and when you rely on this, it could have serious consequences for your business.

Although each vanity number is certainly preferable to a standard one, they can also be problematic until necessary precautions are taken.

This is where we to come.

At TakeMoreCalls.com, we have helped thousands of companies and professionals benefit from marketing their services by offering memorable vanity numbers that will not only increase sales but help small businesses move their business offerings to the next level. Many of our current customers link their high profile and sales to our services. We welcome your questions and look forward to building on your success with the help of our success.


Voice Management

In a competitive market, it is paramount to capture the business before the competition does so. Making use of cheap business calls and call management services all in one can be the set of tools that enables you to present a polished professional image to the public. It not only shows your company is willing to pick up all or part of the cost of the call, but you want to make sure that every time they call your company that they can reach the department or person they are looking for.
TakeMoreCalls.com offers an exceptional voice management that ensures crystal clear calls; your business calls are performed without any fear of distortions.

Auto Attendant

Our automated attendant service allows callers to be automatically diverting calls to the specific extension or department, without any operator. You can also give a professional welcome message to the caller. Auto Attendant offers a simple menu system such as “for the operator, press 0, for sales, press 1" etc. Auto Attendant can also be integrated with others associated service of toll-free vanity numbers such as transfer to voicemail, queue call, calls whisper, etc.

Fax to Email

If you are not in your office space, free fax to email service allows you to fax from your email inbox into your mobile phone. Our toll-free numbers make it easy to store and forward faxes without purchasing a fax machine. It saves paper, toner, line rental charges and most importantly, time.

Voicemail to Email

With a voice to email services, you can access your voicemail messages by both emails and be dialing in to listen. If you are unable to attend a call, you can greet your callers with a professional message. Alternatively, with our service, an email will be delivered to your mobile phone, even if you are not in your office.

Call Routing

Call routing allows you to receive calls simultaneously from multiple phone lines. Hunt group services allow someone else to receive important calls even if you are not at your desk by redirecting a call to another line after some rings. Ring group service allows incoming calls on multiple lines at the same time, ensuring the fastest turnaround time for your calls. This service is very useful in the complaint customer centers, and you get the best from us.

So wouldn’t you join the bandwagon of successful businesses using our toll-free vanity service?