It is part of our tradition to deliver outstanding value when it comes to telecommunication, and to this end, we believe we have served you diligently so far.

We are pretty sure that you have no problems using our service, but if you ever do have a question, or want technical support, please feel free to contact us at any time. You can email us, or even call our 24-hour customer support line at 855-MY-VANITY | 855-698-2648

For us to provide an assist for you as efficiently as possible, please include all relevant information when you contact us. If you are an existing member, you have to include your username. If you have to take on specific interview questions, you can cut and paste to record the conversation in the description section of the Contact us form. Please include the date and time you experienced problems, as well as a full complete description of the issue at hand that will enable us respond quite appropriately, much to your delight and satisfaction.

We encourage you to address non-urgent problems through email. We have a finite number of operators available to help, and calls for non-emergency inquiries—it will only cause delays for both parties involved over the phone. We are always seeking for ways to serve you better all the time and thank you for your patience as we grow.


Professional services

Whether you're new to or a long-term customer, Professional Services can provide help in optimizing communication services to meet your business needs and also take it to the next level. When you increase sales and make profit because more customers can reach you via toll-free number, we are happy and wish for greater things in your business achievement. Professional Services offers consulting, planning and design support for the most important projects such as comprehensive integration, change management and the initial implementation.

Professional Services engagements are the way to go for companies with multiple locations, limited in-house IT resources, complex network infrastructures, or require a minimum disruption.

The Professional Services teams of consultants are experts in the communications industry, with those at the helm of affairs having over 25 years hands-on experience in telecommunication and proficient in assessing the best practice and breakthrough recommendations that apply to your situation.

Consultants can travel to your location and remain in place for the duration of your professional services engagement.


Consult with us during times of transition Professional Services is a continual resource that can be used at any point as a customer to update your communication strategy, especially when your business is going through a big change.

Please contact us if your core business mission changes, for example, if you are planning to expand your business after a merger, or if you've had an extensive organizational overhaul. Professional Services can team up with you to do an assessment of your present situation and design a communication strategy to serve your new goals.

Our goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with our services.