Sound More Professional with Vanity Numbers

Irrespective of the industry you currently find yourself, every business needs a way for customers to contact them. You could get away with your local number if you run an office of one, but as your business expands, it's likely that your local number will no longer cut it for your company; it will make sense to get a vanity number from

They can come in handy by giving your small business a professional look and feel it needs to attract the first few customers through the door so you could increase sales and more sales.

Benefits and uses of vanity numbers by businesses include:

  • They give your company a national presence.
  • It's portable, so you down have to be tied down to any one toll-free service provider.
  • They help centralize your business. It matters less if your employees are spread out all over the country, you'll still only need one contact number.
  • They make it easy--and totally free too-- for your customers to call you from all over the country, which makes it more likely that they would call you.
  • They can be used to evaluate your marketing efforts.
  • Get access to features like call forwarding, SMS for business, unlimited extensions and voicemail.
  • The most important of all, they grow as your business grows.
  • They make it easy to remember
  • They help you communicate what you do, or your company name

Did you change phone systems? We have got your back; no worries, you can still keep your number and all the benefits attached.
These numbers help businesses of all types. Some businesses have built their brands around them.
So, what are you still waiting for?